Friday, December 16, 2011

Cake Pops--The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

So, I decided to try my hand at making cake pops. I saw them online and I thought, "Oh those are cute! I bet I could do that!" Silly me for thinking I am more adept in the kitchen than I actually am!

The first part was relatively easy. Bake a cake (from a mix, after all I'm no Bakerella!) Check. Crumble said cake. Check. Mix in some frosting (from a can, see cake reasoning.) Check. Form into little balls. Check. I'm feeling pretty confident at this point, rocking the whole cake pop thing, go me! I stick the cake pops in the freezer and begin melting my chocolate chips. I start by trying to make a make-shift double boiler. (Insert metal mixing bowl into a pan with some water at the bottom. Yes, I am definitely no rocket scientist. Thank you for asking.) The chips begin to melt but they are really thick and not a good consistency for covering cake balls. Crud. Okay, plan B. Stick them in a microwave-save bowl and start melting. But not thinking straight I have forgotten to melt them at a lower power level. The results? My white chocolate chips have turned brown. Not so good. I dump the chocolate mess in the garbage, put the cake balls in the fridge (I was warned not to freeze them too long in one of the online baking sites), and go to bed.

After a run to the store the next day for new chocolate chips I try again. This time I go straight for the microwave but at less power. I successfully melt the chips take my cake balls and sticks and attempt to dip them. The first ball falls off the stick into the chocolate. I salvage it from the chocolate, manage to get it back on the stick, sprinkle crushed candy cane and voila! I have my first cake pop.

I spoon the chocolate onto most of them but like a dunce I try dipping every now again after my first attempt. (What is the definition of insanity again?) Anyhoo, I finish them and notice some interesting things happening. First, there are little brown cake snakes coming out of some of them.

Second, some have what look like icicles hanging from them.

Third, some slid down to the bottom of the stick.

But despite my set backs, they turned out pretty good.

All those baking websites that tell you cake pops are easy are LYING. But then again, if I am able to do it in spite of my clear culinary deficiencies, then you probably can too!

Happy Baking, my dear readers . . .


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